Akrapovic Jetting??

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Akrapovic Jetting??

Post  JIPPERR on Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:19 am

Hi! so i'm trying to get my jetting right and have been having some issues..... If anyone out there could lend me some knowledge that would be awesome. The problem i was having was that the bike did not want to idle down using the 68s pilot jet, trying to adjust the idle air/fuel screw only seemed to make the engine run faster as i screwed it in so i moved to the smaller jet. This surprised me as it seems that everyone with this bike runs a 68s once its uncorked. If anything i'd expect to have to move to a larger jet to match the the high flow air filter and exhaust?? Any pointers would be appreciated! I've been checking the plug whenever i have the tank off and its usually a little on the darker side which is fine, I'm not too sure if thats a good indicator of the jetting at idle, it seems like its probably more of an overall sort of thing.

Is it possible that my exhaust needs me to run a smaller pilot jet than usual??

the details....
2003 XR650R, Uncorked
stock carb
UNI air filter (with stock backfire screen)
akrapovic full system
i also have a db dog baffle (part 8002) for this pipe as i was a little concerned for the noise and the sanity of my neighbours.

65s pilot jet
clip in 3rd position on B53E needle
175 main jet
idle air/fuel screw 1.5 turns out

most of my riding is under 1000 ft!
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