fuel tanks with dual petcocks or conecting hose.

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fuel tanks with dual petcocks or conecting hose.

Post  jabonet on Sat May 28, 2011 11:30 pm

Hello all.

I want to buy an extra capacity fuel tank, I decided that my limit in size is the biggest tank that still uses the original plastic radiator covers as that is more or less a guarantee that the tanks grow up and not to the sides and down.

another thing that pisses me off is that the original tank on my BRP keeps quite a bit of gas on the left hump of the tank, and as the petcock is on the right the bike get out of fuel after as little of 65 miles. and then you can either drop the bike on its right side and pick it up slowly, or open the reserve. the left hump holds more fuel that the reserve for what I have seen.

so I have found that the biggest fuel tanks out there that still use the original radiator covers of the BRP seems to be the clarke 4.3 gallon


and the IMS 4.6 gallon:


does anybody know if any of these two have either a dual petcock, or a hose between both sides of the tank under the frame to avoid the "second reserve"


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Re: fuel tanks with dual petcocks or conecting hose.

Post  rikco on Sun May 29, 2011 8:42 am

i have seen original xrr fuel tanks with 2 petcocks, selfmade ofcourse.

its not that hard to make

i also got a 6 gallon acerbis (see my pic) but only for the longer rides but i never make long rides like that to add that big tank so i never used it yet lol! (also with 2 petcocks)
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Re: fuel tanks with dual petcocks or conecting hose.

Post  BuRP on Sun May 29, 2011 1:15 pm


GREAT avatar!!!!! banana

The IMS does have the single (standard!) petcock, their 7 gallon also but that has a vacuum-pump to overcome the problem you dislike. That tank (the big tanker!) then also has no real reserve anymore, but who cares if it's translucent & huge??
Dunno the Clarke, it may have the dual petcocks..... but why you want it? This is your best 'reserve', just lean it to the RH-side & slosh over (or pop a wheely?) >> off you go!!

Adding a secondary petcock is not so easy as may seem, as the metal screw-inserts for the 2nd one are absent! No way I'd do it, that will go wrong sometime I think.

Oh, as a word of caution: the IMS 7G will not allow mounting of the commonly-used Spal 4" puller fan, just so you know. Their smaller one does however (I got both tanks).
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Re: fuel tanks with dual petcocks or conecting hose.

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