xr 650 r low top speed

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xr 650 r low top speed

Post  martin84 on Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:55 pm


i messed around with the carburator and now i am missing about 10 mph top speed on my xr

i changed the pilot jet to a 68s and the main jet from 155 to 175. furthermore i put a new o-ring into the top of the carburator because the old one was broken.

fully uncorked, everything stock, hrc tip

gearing 14/44

is it possible that she doesnt get enough air now that the air leak from the broken o-ring is fixed? she has a powerful low and mid range but somehow the top end is not like it should be (at least it feels so). i didnt cut out the side panel and i use a twin air filter.

and one last question: does the pilot screw change the mixture only for the idle and ~1/4 throttle (ie pilot jet) or for the main jet too (full throttle, top end)

thanks in advance

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