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More Single Track on the BRP Empty More Single Track on the BRP

Post  modette on Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:57 pm

I lead this ride. Turned out to be a hell of an epic ride. This video shows what the BRP can do. I plan to lead another WDKR (We Don't Know Ride) at RMAR for 2012. Reason for the name, the brother in-law signed me up to lead, and I had no I made it a hard ride for bigger bikes. It turned into ride single track that had not been ridden in a long time, but yet legal on the MVUM's. If you are even in the Saguache, CO area look up to the West of town for trail number 795. I would advise going West to East though, East to West might be even more of a challenge. It test your GPS abilities with paper map abilities to find the trail in spots.