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Post  big bird on Fri May 18, 2012 7:15 pm

In a nutshell you are looking at an easy $10,000. Not including the bike you start with. Entrey fees, parts ($2K for lights, spare wheels, tires, etc), pit support - Honda Pit Service ($500-$1000, Mag 7 pits (We used them in the 1000) - $300-750), upgraded suspension (Dont bother to try it stock unless you plan to trail ride the whole race), food, lodging, fuel, donations to Federale empenada-fund, party cash. Plus you need all that same stuff, minus the entry fee, to pre-run as well.
I am not rying to scare you off, but our boy Hecker footed the bill and it was an easy $15k For the Baja 1000 alone and close to the same for the Baja 500. The 250 was a lot less because you didnt need pit support of you have friends willing to help you out.
The travel expenses are what add up quicker than anything else. Once the cost of bulding a good bike is taken care of the rest is nickle and dime time - everything seems to cost a couple hundred bucks. Ask me anything else and I will try to help.

...prob closer to 14k now...
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