Fork tool by-pass

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Fork tool by-pass

Post  Achile on Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:38 pm

Hey, guys!

I just did the drilling, shimming and oil change on my piggy's front fork. I wanted to make the fork tool, but a seasoned grease monkey instructed me on by-passing the tool.

You don't need any special tools if you don't want to change the seals. Just folow these steps:
- set the adjusters to fully open
- go to a vice
- turn the fork leg upside-down
- wrap a piece of cloth around it and tighten the vice leaving, about 10 cm between the floor and the upper cap
- take 32mm socket an put it under the cap's hexagon to protect the adjuster screw; compress the fork by pulling twards the vice and put something underneath the socket to keep it compressed
- untighten the lower cap(upper, when it's upside-down); the compression will keep it from rotating(so, no special tool)
-drain the oil
-take out the leg from the vice and do your stuff.

Put it back using the same technique. You can do it whitout a vice compressing it with your body weight, but the vice saves you time and it's damn handy.

Another way of avoiding the fork tool is to use a pneumatic wrench with adjustable torque.
#when screwing it back on, do it by hand at first;
-then tighten it to the appropiate torque(54Nm)

Have fun!
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