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Post  Icelander-XR650R on Mon May 20, 2013 7:36 am

I went for a Sunday ride to a nearby town, Campbellville today with a couple friends, one on a 2012 Street Triple, the other on a 2009 DRZ400SM. The place we went to is a little restaurant called The Ice House. It's a great little place about half way to Toronto from where I live. They have good food, great coffee, and the nicest people own it and work there.

Not an Epic Adventure 2013-05-19121314

The Ice House is a destination for bike riders from all over Southern Ontario and they arrive on some of the most awesome bikes you'll see. I won't post close up photo's of the bikes but here is a shot of part of the parking lot.

Not an Epic Adventure 2013-05-19111724

Here's a shot of my friends, you can see the front fender of the XR peeking out from the end of the row on the right.

Not an Epic Adventure 2013-05-19111350

The Ice House is central to some great roads, this is a shot of a road over Kelso Bluffs. The photo doesn't do the road justice, the corner after this just down the hill claims many casualties, I'll ride the opposite way over next time and grab a shot...maybe take the GoPro...

Not an Epic Adventure 2013-05-19123545

So, there's a little ride report for you... As summer progresses and when I can get away I'll try to give you guys and girls a view of the area around.
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