The "Tanker Brace"...XR650R/Acerbis Sahara Tank Brace and Ra

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The "Tanker Brace"...XR650R/Acerbis Sahara Tank Brace and Ra

Post  Hodakaguy on Sat Jan 04, 2014 5:04 pm

The "Tanker Brace" is a brace/guard designed for XR650R's that are  running a Acerbis Sahara Desert Tank (Also works great with the Clark,  IMS, and OEM tanks).  After  installing a Sahara onto my XRR I found a few problems with the lower  braces that are supplied with the tanks.  I designed/built the Tanker  Brace to solve these problems.  After building one for myself a few  other people wanted them so I decided to produce some for sale.

*   First I found the Sahara tank will flex inward quite a bit when  full, enough that it contacted/rubbed my radiator and KTM fan that I had  installed.  The Tanker Brace adds a small amount of pre-load (you pull  the tank outward a bit to slide the brace in) that keeps the tank from  rubbing the radiators/fan setups when full.  Check the inside of your  Sahara tank, you might find that yours has been rubbing the radiators  also.  

*   I didn't feel that the provided Acerbis lower braces would provide  enough protection for the radiators in a crash.  The Sahara tank itself  adds a good amount of radiator protection since it covers the sides of  the radiators, but I've read where the tank can still flex enough to  damage the radiators in a crash.  The Tanker Brace ties both sides of  the tank together and then into the upper motor mount that the Acerbis  mounts used.  Even if you crash hard enough to bend the Tanker Brace the  extra space cushion between the tank and radiators provided by the  pre-load of the Tanker Brace should keep the radiators damage free.  

*  I installed Unabiker radiator guards on my XRR.  (This was the step  that started the Tanker Brace build) After installing the guards I found  that the Acerbis lower braces wouldn't fit any more with the Unabikers  installed.  The Tanker Brace allows the Unabikers to be used with the  Sahara tank.  (I believe the Sahara/Tanker Brace combo will protect the  radiators sufficiently without need for extra radiator  Unabikers ect)

The Tanker Brace is fully TIG welded and parts are CNC laser cut.  The braces  come painted satin black with a fine textured finish .  They are  pre-threaded to accept the factory Acerbis hardware.  

** Makes swapping between tanks a quick job as the tanks line up every  time!, if you've dealt with the stock Acerbis lower brackets you know  how flimsy they are and how they don't want to line up correctly.**

Cost:  $60 + $10 shipping (Cont USA).  PM me for payment details if you are interested in a brace.


Just out of the Jig.

Here's a shot of the Tanker Brace installed on my XRR.  You can see how it attaches into the front engine bolt and both sides of the tank.

Side Shot

Left Side View

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Re: The "Tanker Brace"...XR650R/Acerbis Sahara Tank Brace and Ra

Post  Mad Frosty on Sat Jan 04, 2014 5:28 pm

Good piece of kit , turns the acerbiss tank solid - saves your rads when you fall .
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