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Ghey Thunder Build

Post  Crown Imperial on Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:05 pm

So like, I've had this bike for like 3 years and like it's just been sitting around and like I am tired of seeing this thing just rot away in a corner.
The dude I bought the bike from, a Frenchman here in Florida, performed what I would consider a healthy amount of modifications. The bike has:

Larger than stock front brake disc.
Some sort of boxy contraption mounted on the tripple clamp to hold many things.
Acerbis 7 gal tank.
GPR stabilizer and tripple clamp for bigger handle bar (not installed yet)
Big handle bar. Yes, duh.
SPAL cooling fan on one rad
Vapor display
And a few other things here and there.

First came cleaning the carb. That's done. Although  I haven't started the bike yet.
Now it's suspension time.
So like the rear shock came first.
Took it all apart.
Changed the bump stop and bladder.

Unstaking shim stack. What a delicate affair this is.

Chasing threads on rod nut


Lastly filling up with Nitrogen. 142 psi is what the manual calls for. Those Japanese Honda engineers are so precise.

While I had the shock out I decided to inspect the swing arm needle bearings. Good this I did. They were shit.

Next are the forks.
Lost the little air relief valve on one of the fork caps. Damn thing just disappeared. I think the previous owener had these Moose racing valves so I'll get another set of them.

Not having the damper dissasembly tool I just used a punch inserted as pictured below to loose the damper rod from the sleeve thingey. Worked like a charm. It's not clamped very strongly otherwise I would not recommed doing this as it might damage the surface of the damper tube.

More to come in a few days.
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Re: Ghey Thunder Build

Post  Mauser on Mon Mar 02, 2015 8:20 pm

Been more than a few days ?.....status ?

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