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Post  Zoro on Sun Apr 26, 2015 5:34 am

Well I pulled mine apart recently to solve an oil usage issue, expecting stem seals to be the culprit.
Found the oil rings had excessive wear in them, also the intake valves were completely worn down too.
Replaced the rings, timing chain, valves and thermostat.
Had the valve seats machined and cyl head re faced and Kibblewhite valves installed.
Not sure why just the oil rings were worn as the 1st and 2nd compression rings were still within spec?
My only assumption is it wasn't getting up to full temp due to the stuck thermostat and the oil rings didn't like it? I would've expected all of them to be worn if this was in fact the cause though.
A stage 1 cam also found its way inside too, needless to say I'm very impressed with the result now. Haven't had a chance to go for a decent run to check oil consumption just yet but I'd be confident that its been sorted now.
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