Decompressor system check

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Decompressor system check

Post  AT1997 on Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:57 pm

Bike: XR650R, 2001, 15000km

-Sometimes no compression when kick starting. Sometimes looses power at high speed, sometimes not good response at high speeds <= engine sounded great and usually fast response, no other syntoms.

-Last time I came home whith quite high speed engine really suddenly died few times but was running and started to keep this clacking soud. Like metal to metal.

- Next day it was hard to start and to find compression and backfired. When started it was ideling just fine but had this terrible clacking sound.
-I checked the valve clearance when cold and those were in specs + Rocker arms were loose at TDC.
-I noticed that just before TDC there was that click on each round I turned just before TDC
-when I removed the cylinder head cover there wasnt that clicking soun anymore <=was it decompressor system then which made the proplems and sound ?
-when I played with mechanics everything looks to be in great shape but that DECOMPRESSOR CAM looks a kind of loose and phlegmatic Smile It does not feel food and some scrathing noice can be found also.

I am going to disassembly the decompressor system and check whats wrong but I would be grateful if someone would tell me how it shoud feel like Smile ?

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Re: Decompressor system check

Post  Mauser on Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:10 pm

Welcome the de-compressors don't normally cause any problems ?...sorry cannot help with it's function.... Bump

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Re: Decompressor system check

Post  BuRP on Tue Sep 01, 2015 11:11 am

Disconnet the decomp-cable and mmake sure the lever on the head seats at 'not active'.
Adjust the valves without turning back the crank a single millimeter!
Recheck the valveplay.
Go ride - still same?
Then take valve/rocker cover off, and see what's wrong.
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Re: Decompressor system check

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