FMF build quility?

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FMF build quility? Empty FMF build quility?

Post  appleseed on Fri Nov 06, 2015 7:54 pm

Last months ago I bought a new FMF Q4 silencer for my piggie as my leo vince cracked. It was my fault the Leo cracked as I hadn't notice the bracket holding the silencer had come loose while riding around Salisbury looking for other piggies....  

Anyhow I was still using the standard headers but they aren't as shiny as the new silencer so I bought a "turd"bomb header only to discover it was leaking where the pipes from the exhaust ports meet at the collector.

So I sent the header back and the replacement had the same issue angry

The QC banana who put his sticker of approval on the headers needs a talking to is all I can say.

FMF build quility? Img_2011
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