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Post  Hendrik on Fri Nov 13, 2015 12:13 pm

I have a 2000 model BRP, eu variety I think. From reading on here and elsewhere that says 74w stator ouput to me. Now I want to add a radiator fan and maybe some LED spots to the bike.

As far as I know my stator uses 6 poles: 2 for ignition and 4 for lights/etc.

After doing some reading I am thinking of doing a parallel wind on the remaining 6 poles of approx 33 windings per pole which I estimate should give me 100w or so output at 12V dc (through reg/rect of course). This is based on lots of forum reading so please correct me if I am wrong. Any advice on how to calculate/measure this?

Was thinking along these lines:

I have not found a reason why I should rewind the whole stator hence my plan of not touching the existing windings and adding a separate circuit. I am not thinking of running massive lights, only adding 20w worth of LED's and the fan. I will only need 18w for the fan and already have a 2'nd hand big boy scooter fan that will bolt on nicely.

Any extra output will maybe end up in a lithium type battery setup with outlets for gps, phone etc. I might even consider using the new output for new lighting circuit and changing stock AC circuit to DC for my fan/battery setup, not touching ignition of course.

So would like to know if I am missing something? Is there a obvious reason why a) this is a bad idea and b) it is a better idea to do a complete rewind?
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Post  BuRP on Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:28 am

If you've got the Eu (= Oz) stator then that will suffice for what you want, without any adding of windings.
But, by all means do, however I'd buy a stator off a rack somewhere, and keep the circuitry 'one' and not 'more than one...'. For LEDs & motor you're going to need DC anyway, and my guess is you have this already? Add a small sealed battery and Bob's your uncle Bump
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