Cam chain tensioner blade advice

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Cam chain tensioner blade advice Empty Cam chain tensioner blade advice

Post  Stretch on Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:58 pm

Hi guys, new to the site and XRR ownership, unfortunately the big end went on the second day of ownership and left me with an engine full of bronze and a full rebuild to do Sad Anyway I'm just finishing the rebuild (I also own an XR600 and an XL600 so know my way around generally) and I've noticed that the plastic cam chain tensioner blade doesn't fit in with the sleeve and normal bolt. My bolt seems to be larger and hollow. The tensioner will go in without the sleeve but then that means it doesn't move very well.
I've double checked the parts fiche for the XRR and it seems to say that the bolt should be 6x25 and go through the sleeve like the XR one's do. I've also searched but can't find any mention of this larger hollow bolt, Is this right? Do I need a different tensioner blade or something or have I missed something?

Here's the pic and any assistance gratefully received, cheers, Andy
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Cam chain tensioner blade advice Empty Re: Cam chain tensioner blade advice

Post  bikerman on Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:42 am

Make sure you put the flat washer in the back not in the front of the bolt. I am just finishing my repair since my bottom end went last season around this time but I have to wait for some thrust washer and oring from Japan that took for ever so my summer is gone but I can get some ride out of it this fall if I am lucky and get it back on my piggy this weekend!
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