XR650R Pilot 68S too rich

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XR650R Pilot 68S too rich Empty XR650R Pilot 68S too rich

Post  dakkman on Thu Apr 28, 2016 8:49 pm

hey everyone, still trying to dial in my carb but running into a lot of issues.

Things you should know:
-stage 1 cam
-uncorked air box
-full FMF pipe
-will have side panel cut outs soon
-68s Pilot Jet
-185 main @ sea level @ about 25 deg C (77F) (yes I know too rich)
-needle clip 4th down

Ok, so my bike usually cuts out at IDLE when it gets hot. I'm almost certain it is because my bike is running too rich but doesn't make sense since so many people are running the 68s pilot. The only way to prevent my bike from cutting out is by having my air/fuel mixture screw ALL THE WAY IN. What is even more confusing is my bike pops on decel. You can almost hear the bike cough here and there during idle.

What I have tested:
Spark plug
ignition system, healthy bright spark
air intake leaks (used a propane take and sprayed around the sealing areas)
Ultrasonic cleaned the carb
float level looks pretty good 16-17mm -ish

What I will try next:
another carb clean, make sure pilot circuit is very clean
maybe a new pilot mixture screw,washer and O-ring

Any advice is a help, ive been dealing with this issue for quite some time....

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XR650R Pilot 68S too rich Empty Re: XR650R Pilot 68S too rich

Post  BuRP on Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:19 am

When idling wave a gasburner (OFF, NO FLAME, GAS ONLY!! - duh BRP smile ) over the carb and the carb2head rubber.
If it picks up revs you have an airleak which likely/probably/maybe (in that order!) means you'll have to renew it. They dry out over time...
The too-big mainjet can't be the problem, just in case - but get it sorted anyway, trying a 175 or 180 should tell you where you are.
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