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Post  SMXR on Tue Sep 06, 2016 6:47 am

Hi guys and maybe a ladies my name is Julien i'm new to the site I have two xr650r's one in dirt clothes and one supermoto. My Xr that has dirt tires is a beast has WAY more power than my supermoto and i cannot figure out why. When i bought the SM i knew it didn't feel right the power would surge on acceleration I figured it to be jetting problem. Jetting from previous owner was main 160 pilot 72 (My altitude is mostly ridden around 6,000 to 8,000). I bought it from dealership so I have no background info on work done. Based on a uncorked stock bike and my altitude my jetting should be 160/65. On my dirt Xr uncorked with full fmf exhaust, air box restrictors removed, no holes drilled in air box, my jetting is 165/65 3rd clip and hauls scary ass. I tried this same jetting on my XR SM and its a slow dog feels like my 1986 xt600 (maybe not quite) bogged under half to full throttle would not power wheelie first gear. Since then i have changed jetting one by one with lots of testing. I am now running 170/68s needle 3rd clip and it is running much better but no where close to my other XR.

Considering the jetting I use for my dirt XR didnt work I am thinking maybe the XRSM has engine work explaing why its running better with larger jetting or it could just be the K&N air intake.

I really want to get my SM running right and i know there is plenty of knowledge on here so thank you. If i need to re-post this under different section please let me know.

2003 XR Super slow moto:
Engine upgrades - Un-known
Stock air box removed and round K&N filter installed
Arrow headers with Yoshi RS3 slip on
Jetting 170 main pilot 68s needle 3rd clip

2002 XR dirt (runs great)
airbox restrictors removed (no holes drilled in cover)
FMF Power bomb headers with FMF titanium 4 exhaust.
jetting 165/65 needle 3rd clip

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Post  Llamacide on Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:13 am

Looks great - dig the SM colors!
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