Could anyone help me with deciding what tyres to buy?

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Could anyone help me with deciding what tyres to buy?

Post  Deepsky on Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:59 pm

Hey all.
Got a set of avon distanzias which are pretty knackered (low tread and sidewalls are cracking) so am looking for a new set of rubber but have no idea what to get.
I'd like knobblies but am gonna do most my riding on road, but when I do go off road its usually in the woods or occasionally on the local mx track for a little blast around so want something fairly off road orientated but also with good road manners...

Had an old xr400r back in the day with a nice set of Maxxis knobblies (can't remember what they were) and they were really good both on road and off but a lot of people don't seem to like them on the 650's?

Also whatever I get has to be able to stand up to the greasy old crappy roads we have here in the UK!

Thanks Smile
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Re: Could anyone help me with deciding what tyres to buy?

Post  R056rx on Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:13 pm

I used Continental TKC80's for a road trip to the Pyrenees a couple of years ago. They were great. Gave good grip on the twisty mountain roads. I also used them for off road trips out over Salisbury Plain, and for gentle green laning they're fine.

They didn't;t seem to last very long though. I got 3500km out of the rear. The front is starting to go now after 5000km.

I've just replaced them for TKC70's for a trip to the Alps next month. They are more road orientated but still capable of gravel tracks and gentle dry off roading.

Their web site does quite a good job of comparing the strengths and weaknesses of all their tyres.
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