To float or not to float ...

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To float or not to float ...

Post  carlgustav Yesterday at 8:03 pm

Disclaimer; I posted a similar question over in advrider ...
So, can anyone enlighten me as to the pros/cons of isolating DC ground vs. tying such to the frame?  And which would be best for a XRR running just a DC fan, and a Trailtech Vapor ...

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Re: To float or not to float ...

Post  BuRP Today at 11:25 am

Your word 'float(ing)' is incorrect here, pedantic-me here  Bump

You run AC AND DC both?
If so keep the DC-minus as cables & insulated from the ground=frame.
If full DC only then use the frame=ground=DC-minus - and no, this will not interfere with the ignition as this is an entirely separate system (also using the ground=frame but don't worry about that).

Clearer now?

Oh, in te almost-impossible unlikely case that you have the one stator (a rare Electrosport thing I think) which has a T junction connected to the frame then you're forked (unless you clearly know what you're doing but your question indicates otherwise, pls no offense), best is then to get another stator first.
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