Right Crankshaft Bearing, Inner/shaft measurement please

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Right Crankshaft Bearing, Inner/shaft measurement please

Post  dufasnz on Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:22 am

Hi guys,

I'm making a crankshaft assembly jig to help a mate with his XR500. I have been able to find the inner bearing measurements for the XR500 crank both sides are 35mm on a 6307.

While I'm making this jig I thought I might as well make it usable for my bikes too so my CR500 has Inner bearing measurements of 28mm on both sides.

The XR650R has a left bearing 6308 with an inner measurement of 40mm but I can't find any reference to the dimensions of the right side just the Honda part number 91001-MBN-671.

If anyone has a crankshaft they can accurately measure the right hand bearing surface I'd be most grateful.

It will be much easier getting all these holes drilled in the plate steel at the same time.

Many thanks
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Re: Right Crankshaft Bearing, Inner/shaft measurement please

Post  Mauser on Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:54 am

From what I can remember bearings like most things have a tolerance, which is normally part of the part number which dictates it's manufacturing tolerances + or - Nothing is exact now would guess the crankshaft will again have a tolerance to suit the bearing + or -

You would need the full bearing number to find it's tolerance or as you say someone who can measure the crank acuratly.


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