Viewing complete USFS Maps in full detail

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Viewing complete USFS Maps in full detail Empty Viewing complete USFS Maps in full detail

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Viewing complete USFS Maps in full detail.

Use Adobe Reader

Click on the map you want to view. When the full map is displayed, click the "Printable Version"
link in the upper right of the screen. This will display the entire
map in all its detail. Keep in mind that these are large files and
will take a long time if you don't have a high speed connection. Once
the map is fully downloaded, you can use the controls at the top of the
screen to zoom in and out - you can pan around using the scroll bars.

If you're planning to look at this map more than once, you probably want to save it to your computer as a .pdf file - Click "File" then "Save As"
from the browser's menu. When you want to view it again, double-click
the filename and it should come up in Adobe Reader and you can use
Adobe's controls to zoom and pan.

Use Picassa Photo Viewer -

is part of Google's suite of programs - it's free. The photo viewer
offers a dynamic way of viewing high resolution photos - zooming can be
done with the mouse wheel and panning by clicking and dragging. All
you need is a high resolution image.

There may be other ways to convert the .pdf image into a .jpg image but this is the way I do it.

  • Select the map image by clicking one corner and dragging to the diagonally opposite corner.

  • From the menubar, click on Edit then Copy

  • Open your favorite photo editing software (I use Photoimpact)

  • Click Edit then "Paste as new image" or equivalent command

  • Click File then "Save As" to put it where you wish - be sure to use a high quality setting.

you have the image saved as a .jpg file, you can view it with the
Picassa Photo Viewer by right clicking on the filename, selecting the "Open With" option and selecting Picassa Photo Viewer.

Use HD View -

don't need a tool like this unless you want to share your maps on the
internet. This is a very complicated process and you really don't want
to attempt it unless you have the background.

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