anyone got the flywheel cover off at the moment?

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anyone got the flywheel cover off at the moment?

Post  giantpiggy on Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:26 am

Not much of a chance but!,just want a measurement from the 'first 'notch on the flywheel(got 4, 2 notches-then the fire/ tdc notch)to the start of the "trigger bar" for the pick-up.....i got approx 38mm,reason im asking is its got a vortex ignition just a old dual curve system,being suspect on the hp of bike since i got it a few months ago,its sort of real flat power wise,and hard to jet...spoke to the vortex rep and he said was a problem with incorrectly welded "trigger bars" on a few xr650r f/wheels here in oz.....had a look at my bikes but sort of hard to see which end was modified on my f/wheel........grind marks on both advance/retard ends of unit,so if anyone can give me a measurement on a stock piggy flywheel from the first notch to the edge of the trigger bar on top surface of f/wheel i will be able to see if my bike was modified incorrectly,thanks

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