2 650's and a Wr300 smoker @ Rydal NSW

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2 650's and a Wr300 smoker @ Rydal NSW

Post  TB650 on Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:17 pm

We arrived up at the arranged meeting place and unloaded the bikes, as we started suiting up Mal arrived with the smoker, like a thorn in the roses

We left and got straight into it, very quickly noticed how slippery it was, but was super impressed by my IRC rear which has done some work now and it still hooked up as well as good be expected in the conditions. We did heaps of sweet single.
Here Mal leads off, Crash was slow to start his bike so I chased Mal down


Crash and I chase Mal, I am talking with Crash via the blue tooth if you listen



Crash had a of at the bottom of a big down hill on a rough fire trail between the singles and knocked his head pretty hard

We kept going, and found a little play hill


there are so many tracks and all good quality it was a little rocky in spots but nothing to detract from the tracks. We returned to the cars and had a quick bite and a drink. We left and went back out, I had a little lay down at walking pace when I cross rutted a down hill. We rode some more singles and decided to go to Rydal Pub for a beverage as almost backs onto the forest just before we got there Crash had gone onto reserve as he hadn’t filled his tank, Mal and I laughed that most of it had spilled as Crash had a couple of drops during the day and struggled on a hill or two.



Within two kilometres I went onto reserve as well, which was puzzling as I had fitted my standard tank for the ride and it was full when we left home
Once at the Pub we ran into a Hen’s party in progress,

they loved the big man and the poka dot jersey, so I say in you face all those that have hung shit on my jersey especially you Ollie take a fashion lesson, the girls wanted some photos with me so who am I to refuse the lovely young ladies

We rode back to the cars, loaded and went to the pub for a late lunch, good lunch I may add
Cheers again Mal nice ride

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Re: 2 650's and a Wr300 smoker @ Rydal NSW

Post  Hew on Sat Nov 14, 2009 1:25 am

Great report and video
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