Wow! The Sahara tank really throws off the bikes CG.

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Wow! The Sahara tank really throws off the bikes CG.

Post  AURORA on Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:13 am

Just rode the BRP with a newly installed Acerbis Sahara tank.

My first comment: My legs are spread apart due to the design/width of the tank. This kinda sucks

My second comment: With 5.5 gallons of fuel in the tank, the bikes center of gravity has shifted forward. Not too thrilled with this fact. After burning off while burning off some fuel I got use to this issue. Though in silt or soft sand I would prefer more of a center of the bike CG.

My third comment: Having all this fuel puts my mind at ease while putting around.

If I were to buy another tank, I think I would go with the Clark 4.3 gallon tank in the neutral color.

Anyone running a Clarke 4.3 gallon tank that would like to chime in on the pros and cons of the Clarke tank?
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Clarke 4.3

Post  mamacone on Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:32 am

I have the Sahara and a Clarke 4.3. The only time I use the Sahara is when I need the 200 mile range. After that I can not get the Sahara off fast enough, I do not like the way my knees hit the tank. The Clarke works great, the only issue is the tank is pretty high and I occasionally hit my chest on the gas cap. When the range is not needed the Clarke is on. Hodakaguy loves the Sahara and likes the radiator protection it gives when installed with a tanker brace, he only puts in the amount of gas he is going to need for the ride. By the way you can leave the tanker brace on and bolt the shrouds (that are used on a Clarke) to the tanker brace when the Sahara is not on, does not provide much protection but might keep a radiator from twisting. I do like the looks of the Sahara.
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