Tubeless tyre conversion.

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Tubeless tyre conversion.

Post  Dave_o on Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:39 am

I think you can only run a tube on the rear. Ogilvie said that. You can run a mousse or those tire balls up front is there's some advantage for you.

But you'd have some issues getting to tire on the bead without a tube. You can fill the tire with Bic lighter gas and pop it on with a spark. If you run the HD tubes and are still having a lot of flats then I'd consider running a liner or using an old tube for a liner. Plus you can run low in dunes and stuff with a tube.

Are you getting a lot of flats?

Ive seen a few guys do this with their KTM 950's and it looks like a good idea to me, if only for the fact that fixing a flat on a tubeless tyre is a whole bunch easier than a tubed tyre. It might limit your tyre options a little, but I can live with that. Anybody here done the conversion or know exactly how its done, Im guessing theres more to it than bogging up the spoke holes with silocone.
Ive got a four week wait on my Heidenau K 60's so I figure now would be as good a time as any to do it.
Might even turn it into a pictorial.

If anyone can see any pros or cons, Id be happy to hear them.
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Re: Tubeless tyre conversion.

Post  xxxbranham on Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:50 am

Neutech Tubliss .... $100 per wheel .... I've been running them in my YZ250 race bike for almost a year.
Plenty of threads on Thumpertalk, etc regarding them .... they alter the charactoristics of a tire and make pinch flats impossble and sticker flats manageable (slime or patches) .... make tires really easy to mount .... since the sidewalls of the tire are stiffened you can run really low pressures for traction and smooth ride over rocks without risking dented rims, pinch flats, or sloppy steering. A flat tire is not the end of a race .... or a ride .... with stiff sidewalls you may not even realize the tire is flat. Not really meant for a lot of highway use but I'm going to put them on my XRR as soon as I can afford to.

I've seen the old threads about do-it-yourself tubeless conversions - take an old inner tube install it, inflate it, and glue it to the wheel. When the glue dries then cut the tube so it just hangs over the lip of the rim. Install a tire (carefully) and if you're lucky it will seal against the tube glued to the rim when inflated. My race fees and trips cost plenty so the $100 for a proven set-up is really worth while.
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