Monticello Box and Palomas Gap Ride - NM

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Monticello Box and Palomas Gap Ride - NM

Post  AtomicXRer on Sat Nov 28, 2009 11:47 pm

Here are some happier times on our first day in Magdalena lined for an AARP special brunch:

Cruising up Mt Withington




On top of Mt. Withington:

Going where no man dare go.

On the way to Monticello Box.

This was the worst of the weather we got (just clouds on Sat.):

Big KLR (heavy son of a bitch) from Tejas:

That's more like it (an XRR). mtech1950

Entrance to wet n' wild (The Box):

Only pic of The Box I got (rest of it was a soaking)

Time for a swim.

Sunday Morning

After a great time eating & drinking at Los Arcos on Sat. Nite
(I'll let other tell the stories about the Capt's failed attempt at
impressing the ladies), the next moring was a breakfast and getting
ready for the Rio Grande and Palomas Gap.

Looking like a bunch of scared wussies (as sheep to the slaughter) ready to cross the Rio Grande:

Why? Because there are plenty of cameras and people watching:

"The Crossing"

Ok, here are my pics of what I have termed "The Crossing".

Here's that KLR again:

One by one the sheep cross the stream:

WildTurkey in his better form (he's a very good rider, and handled that GS really well). Get well soon!

As commented earlier, there are more straight forward ways to get to
the Palomas Gap (like via Hwy 51), but you just can't keep the AARP
team down w/o an adventure.

The Grande is just that, not so grand here. More like a stream. But, the scenery, temps, and crossing stories are great:

Next: Up the Gap!

The Palomas Gap is a narrow steep mostly double track that cuts up a
gap in the Caballo mountains behind (east) TorC. It is sandy ay the
bottom near the river and then rocky as you climb.

Here's a pic looking down from part way up. Somewhere in there are some riders down below.

Here are some of us waiting for the others from below to join us:

My saber. Have I failed to mention that the riding weather in southern NM can't be beat right now?

Now I (and some others) took a spill in the Gap too, so I was running
out of energy for more pictures. But, the best are these last action
shots I got of our fine "young" riders.


selaznog (I think):

can't remember this one PowerT?





Jody H:


The Tejas KLR:

All in all an awesome twoday event ride. Check out SloJoe's report with more beautiful pics and video here:

Time to plan a BRP XR650R Forum ride
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Great country

Post  Bump on Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:26 am

I love that area.

I can help you guys plan and all but can't make a ride anytime soon.
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