Airing up a flat tire...

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Airing up a flat tire... Empty Airing up a flat tire...

Post  Bump on Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:19 pm

I recently had a couple of revelations. First, I built a new suspension for my dually with a friend. After it was all on there and I'd driven it for a few years it dawned on me, "Hey stupid, you've got two air compressors and a 7 gallon air tank back there. Why no pneumatic fitting genius?"

Then I recently had occasion to air up a couple of tires, one on a motorcycle and three others on my wife's jogger/stroller. I'm sick of using my tiny combo air pump/CO2 inflator for this stuff. So I went looking for a little air pump for these situations. Then I thought perhaps I could find one small enough to carry on my BRP. Here's the best manual pump apparently:
Buy here:

Then I decided it was too big to carry. At that rate I'll be carrying a fold-out work bench and sky hook too.

Back to the search. It dawned on me that I have a battery on my BRP because when I was struggling to sort out the jetting I put a BD restarter on my pig-I got a new one for $300! Regret it now but I ain't taking it off. Then I found some guy in Seattle who sells a stripped down version of Slime's and Campbell Hausfield's small pumps. But for $100! WTF? His claim is something like the Chinese who make his pump are on a different shift in the factory and all have a minimum of a 3rd grade education. I figured, "Hey, everyone likes demolition so I'll just rip apart one of those CH pumps myself." Then I found this cat in upstate New York who sells the same thing for $35ish! I asked for a Leakless Valve (like on the mini foot pump) and he installed one of those for free! The reviews are pretty good and the guy was great to deal with. It'll be here next week and I'll empty then fill the rear tire on my BRP (largest and whatnot) and post a review. I may or may not still carry my tiny CO2 pump. Not sure yet. If the electric pump fails then I always have these hellacious 36" cable ties I can secure the tire to the rim with and putt on back to my dually.
Here's the NY guy's site:
Here's the pump kit I purchased with alligator clips: pictures/basickit.jpg

Here's the pump that most recommending stripping down: Campbell-Hausfeld RP1200 they can be had for $15 or less.

Here's the usual odd Advrider thread on this stuff:

Here's an Advrider thread on hand pumps:

I'm normally against this sort of thing. But I've had to pump a tire before in the desert (I used to ride in the summer too) and so I kinda see it as a safety issue since the size delta from manual to electric is small.
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Airing up a flat tire... Empty Motopump

Post  Backwoods Boogie on Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:59 pm

Seems like a nice kit to have.

I look forward to your reviews on it.
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Airing up a flat tire... Empty Re: Airing up a flat tire...

Post  BuRP on Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:40 pm

Yeah, me too - about time you let us know?
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Airing up a flat tire... Empty Re: Airing up a flat tire...

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