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Post  Hodakaguy on Sun Dec 20, 2009 2:55 am

My father just gave me his Bond Arms SnakeSlayer IV Pistol. This one is chambered to fit 3" 410 shells or 45 Long Colt. They are made in Texas and the build quality is top notch. Most derringers that I've seen/handled in the past have been pretty crappy in terms of quality. You can order a 15 different barrels for them and they change out in
about a minute, I think we'll just keep the 410 barrel on it though.

My dad replaced it with the JUDGE 410 revolver.

Early Christmas for me New Toy....410 Style 685850

I took it to the range last week.....Pretty Impressive ( I forgot the camera....sorry no pics :-( The recoil isn't that bad at all, very manageable. The SnakeSlayer has the Bond Arms extended grip on it so you get a little better hold than the normal set of grips. At around 10 feet it will place all 5 balls from a 000 buck round in about a 6" circle. The trigger is a little different on this little gun than a normal pistol. It really pulls down just as much as back, I don't think it will be a big deal once you get used to it but you couple that with a fairly heavy trigger pull (around 7lbs) and you can get a little jerky and throw your aim off pretty easily. I'll have to run quite a few rounds through this one to get a good feel for it and be able to be consistently accurate with it.

It is a rather large Derringer but I really like it, it feels really good in your hand and the weight makes the recoil a little tamer. The hammer automatically selects the next barrel each time it is cocked. You can see the selector from the side and you can leave it in whatever position that you want so you can select which barrel you fire first. Most people fire the bottom barrel first since the recoil is less....the bottom barrel is more in line with your wrist than the top barrel. It makes it faster to reacquire your target and get the second round off.

I fired about 10 - 45 long colts through it also, bottom barrel seamed pretty accurate...upper barrel kept shooting low (I'm pretty sure it was from me jerking the trigger). The 45 colts kick a lot less than the 3" 410 rounds. The 410 rounds are LOUD!

Overall I really like this little gun, it just feels right....and its sooooo COOL!

I have a S&W Airlite 38PD as my primary pack weapon. It only weighs 10oz and is so lite that you can forget you have it on. It's a great do everything gun. The SnakeSlayer won't replace it but It will be a great automotive carry gun, house gun, or even a snake getter.

New Toy....410 Style GunSSlarge

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New Toy....410 Style SnakeSlayerInDrivingHolsterL

Here's a pic of the 38PD. Great pack gun.

New Toy....410 Style 337pd
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