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Post  Hew on Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:20 pm

I really enjoy this section seeing the rides in other parts of the world so I am copying a ride report I have done on a local forum for a ride last Sunday. We have had far more snow and ice this winter than is normal for the UK.
It was my first ride out with a Mikuni carb and a rebuilt rear shock.
I changed the settings of the shock a few times during the ride and am having longer throttle cables made to refit higher handle bars

For sometime I had been trying to set up a ride for Andy and his new BMW XC and also with Chris 356 so that I could pick up some CRM parts. The snow and ice had meant that it was with the 450EXC that Andy turned up for the rides.
However with the recent thaw it was game on.

I don't think that this is what he had in mind when he signed up.

Pigging Snow P1310004

However he has obviously been spending his time going through the touratech catalogue.

Pigging Snow P1310003

Pigging Snow P1310005

To be honest I was not sure how the day was going to go but with Andy, Chris356 and Owldknacker having made it to the start point it was rude not to have a go.
Myself and Chris (CRF) had ridden the 8 miles or so, getting our eye in on the way.
My fear on Saturday was sheet ice again on the back roads but all roads were now covered in snow which we soon discovered gave a reasonable amount of grip, well until you made a sudden movement :thud:

Pigging Snow P1310006

Pigging Snow P1310009

Pigging Snow P1310010

Nothing like wet feet to start the day.

Pigging Snow P1310011

Pigging Snow P1310012

Pigging Snow P1310013

Pigging Snow P1310014

The breakfast stop at Ruthin was a welcome sight with the chance to get warm again.

So far so good no real dramas. I had a new Mikuni pumper carb on the XR which was running OK. Fitting the carb meant that I had to put the original low bars on due to short throttle cables. the riding position was not as natural as I would like so I spent most of the day sitting down. Good job its not a KTM blah

Out of Ruthin we started to hit some old drifts now covered with fresh snow

Pigging Snow P1310015

Pigging Snow P1310016

Pigging Snow P1310017

Pigging Snow P1310018

Pigging Snow P1310019

Down the new section in the forest

Pigging Snow P1310021

Pigging Snow P1310022

Pigging Snow P1310023

Pigging Snow P1310024

and back up again

Pigging Snow P1310025

A quick breather at Cyffylliog bridge where I took the chance to adjust my newly rebuilt shock.
Chris with his fully eaten snack

Pigging Snow P1310027

Pigging Snow P1310028

Pigging Snow P1310029

Pigging Snow P1310030

Pigging Snow P1310032

I used the XR as an ice breaker through the next section

It was deep

Pigging Snow P1310034

Pigging Snow P1310035

Pigging Snow P1310036

Pigging Snow P1310037

Andy breaks the next section

Pigging Snow P1310033

Len rinses his clothes in it

Pigging Snow P1310038

High up by the windmills my bike starts to pop and bang, I curse thinking it has gone on reserve but Chris points out his was doing the same, carb icing

Pigging Snow P1310040

Pigging Snow P1310041

Pigging Snow P1310042

From here we started making our way back towards Ruthin and fuel

Pigging Snow P1310043

Pigging Snow P1310044

Pigging Snow P1310045

Pigging Snow P1310046

I'd just pulled up at the fuel pump when Andy pulls up saying Chris(CRF)his chain had snapped a mile up the road.
We paid for the fuel and headed back. Luckily it was the split link that had gone with such a big bang.
It was also lucky that he had refitted the standard case saver as it was missing the day before when were fitting new tyres. The bike was fixed apart from a tight link in the chain. Len was struggling to see in the driving snow so he and Chris decided to head back by road. we did a few more lanes over the Moel Famau before cutting the last section and arrived back at the car park just as len was about to head off.

All in all it was a much better day than I expected when I opened the garage door first thing in the morning.
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Post  Focker on Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:19 pm

Incredible...Thanks for sharing.
This one's crazy...I would hate to fall in that water and with my off road skills...I would. s--t head
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Post  rikco on Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:41 am

looks cold Pigging Snow Icon_pale

nice pics and nice trip it was im sure about that

thnkz for the share

greets from the netherlands Pigging Snow Icon_biggrin
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Post  Bump on Tue Feb 09, 2010 5:54 am

You guys are hard core.
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Post  big boar, little man on Sat Feb 13, 2010 8:33 pm

Great photos and comentry, thanks for sharing. 25cms of snow here too. My bike and I are hybanating at the moment Pigging Snow 63459
big boar, little man
big boar, little man
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