this bike is a beast

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this bike is a beast Empty this bike is a beast

Post  flipcyde6 on Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:09 am

i just got an 01 650 xrr about 2wks ago. n man... ive never rode a dirt bike like this in my life! and ive had quite a few over my 37yrs. but just started getting wise to the 4strokers i got this bike fer 2grand! miles unknown,recently i had a 96 klx250r that was stolen, then recovered (best thing that coulda happened to me) that thing was a piece of $%^& compared to this honda,..and my light kit from tusk fit right on this xr which saved me like 200bills.this bike is all origanal besides some devol rad guards,extra wide pegs,threadlocker k/s n such. and of course, the uncorking. the guy i got it from was a serious trail rider only.i dont think its ever been on the road except the miles from me. ive ridden it to work twice already.i went n got my permit, street title, and tag. g2g except i'm not rapping 7grand on my imaginary tach like on that toy bike i used to have. this bike is a beast!

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this bike is a beast Empty Re: this bike is a beast

Post  Cricket650 on Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:55 am

Happy Days mate, they are a good ole tractor cheers Need some pics tho nice
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