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Newbie, looking for BRP Empty Newbie, looking for BRP

Post  WERA910 on Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:52 am

Hi.   Michael here from Chattanooga, TN, USA.  I'm 47 years old, I've taught MSF courses for the last 16 years, and most of my riding is on the street or track until the dual sport bug bit me the last couple of years.

I currently ride a plated TTR-250 with a 325cc kit in it.   I love the bike, but as good as it is in the tight, rocky stuff, it's not good for any distance.   Just the 45 minute ride across town to Prentice Cooper state park is enough to wear you out on a tached out 250.

My wife has picked up a new DRZ400 and is working towards doing the TAT in the next year or two.  I've decided to get something bigger also, and after looking at a lot of different rides, the XR650R looks like what I really want.    

I'm seeking advice on how to find the right one to buy, how to convert to street legal dual sport, and then how to prep for the Trans American Trail while not making it so heavy that it's not fun in the woods anymore.   I welcome all your advice!


Newbie, looking for BRP IMG_20141115_203039626_zpswhkmx3zo
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Newbie, looking for BRP Empty Re: Newbie, looking for BRP

Post  BuRP on Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:10 pm

Yo Mike,

welcome in this loony attic, anyone's an addict here.... no syringes though Bump
Your bored 250 will indeed be loads better for tight & technical stuff, I'd go as far to say that our beloved pig isn't suited for that at all. Ditto woods but to a lesser extent, depends on the scenery.
The pig has long legs and needs to stretch them, obviously, it was made for that purpose. If you ride that then there's few if none bikes who will run next to it, the KTM 690 closest.
Oh, orange guys will tell you it'll leave the pig behind, and maybe they're correct even - until the Austrian breaks, and when that's somewhere remote then the Jap will tow it home BRP smile
If that's you - go for it, these things are picked up for free in your country!
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