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Long time XR owner. New poster. Empty Long time XR owner. New poster.

Post  BlindDude on Mon May 29, 2017 12:39 pm

Hello all. Glad to be here. Hope this forum is active...
Intro: I am a 45 y/o Honda Junki. I had a Yamaha once but it was never like a Honda.
Honda reliability has kept me from alot of mechanical ventures. So I am here.. lol
I have been on a bike since I was 8, a 5hp minibike. Then came a Honda Express(moped thingy without the pedals) lol. First real Honda was when I was 13 in 1984, parents bought me a brand new XL100 that I paid back with my paper route. Then an XL200. And when I was 18y/o, in 1989 got a '85 Honda Shadow VT1100 streetbike. A young girl decided to do a U-Turn right in front of me and I ended up loosing my right lung, along with various broken bones and nerve damage.. I got a new nose out of it. Still cant breath through it but at least its different.
Deviated Septum Much? lmao
I was almost dead, everyone realized it but me.. I never thought I would die from the crash, but everyone else did. Even the doctors... After a month in the hospital, then released a month early, I couldnt give up motorcycles, but I could promise my family that I would never get another street bike.
Time goes by and... 1995, got me a '93 XR650L.. Heavy bastard but I loved it. In 2006, got a '03 XR650R Loved it even more.. in 2008, the economy took a shit and being an electrical contractor with 2 employees, had to get rid of them and try to make it.. 2013.... Didn't make it. beat head Slowly had to sell all my toys and the last thing to go was my XR650R.

Today.. I get paid to be a dad. I have a son with down syndrome, and when he turned 18, his budget allows for a Primary Care Provider... Me. He is 20 now and just yesterday I came home with a '02 XR650R.. Bananatool
Cant wait to get some buddy pegs installed like I had on my '03 and start taking my son out riding again. He used to LOVE it.
My wife insisted that we put both our names on the title: Mr AND Mrs... This way, she says, I cant go and sell it when/if times get rough.
Hell yeah,, THANKS BABE!!!

Anyway, that's where I'm at. Hope to get to know some people here and share alot of experiences..
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Post  dufasnz on Mon May 29, 2017 10:56 pm

Welcome Jeremy, that's a one hell of a life story mate. Glad you have been able to get back on the horse!

I'm also a Sparky but I'm a stay at home Dad now with two young kids we left it too late to have! Contracting is not easy when times are tuff.

Careful carrying a load on the alloy subframe, it's not as sturdy as the L's steel version.

Ride safe
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Long time XR owner. New poster. Empty Re: Long time XR owner. New poster.

Post  Mauser on Tue May 30, 2017 1:53 am

Welcome Jeremy, glad your planning on taking your son out, as mentioned hope he's not a heavy weight as things might start bending lol....plenty of info on making the sub-frame stronger someone actually made/makes a steel version....not sure where but they were expensive Bump

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Long time XR owner. New poster. Empty Re: Long time XR owner. New poster.

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