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Makuni hs40 tuning

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Makuni hs40 tuning Empty Makuni hs40 tuning

Post  Jshmurtis Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:09 am

I put the Makuni hs40 in my bone stock 02 xr650 and it ran perfectly right out of the box. However, I have added a stainless header with the xr's only competition muffler, as well as the high flow intake plastic with the high flow intake boot that goes from carb to head.
The problem I'm having is getting the carb jetted correctly. I talked to the service guys over at xr's only where I purchased all of my performance parts and they said to just keep upping the jet size of both the main and pilot Jets until it stops popping on deceleration. I'm now on the 5th or 6th size up from stock and it's still popping and has seemed to barely, if at all, improved.
I'm also having trouble with it sevearly cutting out when I go wide open at almost any range of rpm.
Am I on the right track with upping the jets?
Do I need to adjust some needles or screws?
Do I need to do both?
Has anyone ran my specific performance setup? And if so what jets did you use and or tuning methods???
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Makuni hs40 tuning Empty Re: Makuni hs40 tuning

Post  Mauser Sat Sep 07, 2019 2:03 pm

How about saying hello first before diving in with questions ?.....
Anyway does this link help ?

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Makuni hs40 tuning Empty Re: Makuni hs40 tuning

Post  BuRP Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:11 am

Give me the altitude you ride in plus all mods you've done to the bike, you say you have at least a SS header set... is it de-corked, what kind of airfilter etc?
I have the Mikuni TM40 also and have enough info for you/it, that's why.
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Makuni hs40 tuning Empty Re: Makuni hs40 tuning

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