I'm looking for yellow, pre printed backgrounds

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I'm looking for yellow, pre printed backgrounds

Post  xabntroop on Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:57 pm

I have been looking for yellow, pre printed plate backgrounds anywhere from 5-12 mil in thickness. Does anyone know where I can find these? Recently I found a manufacturer/seller on ebay, when I received the items they where backgrounds but did not cover the entire "white area" on the plates. There were cutouts for the the recessed holes where the plates are attached but I'm dissapointed that I'm having such a difficult time finding this stuff. The backgrounds I ordered appear to cover roughly 2/3's of the side plates, the front plate is completely covered and looks good.

I did finally get my Eibach 11.5 spring and it's a world of difference and today I'm mounting both of my new Sedona IT tires. I will give you an update on the tires performance after we get some rain out here, too dusty and dry right now but anticipate rain soon.

I'm sorry to ramble here but I have a few technical questions also. First, at what rpm does the pig make peak HP and how much is that HP on an uncorked pig with aftermarket (XR'S only header/exhaust) approximate numbers are fine, I understand it's vague and not exact. I also would like to have an idea of the most popular spark plug you longtime pig riders have had the best results with.

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