Starts without choke

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Starts without choke

Post  xrmick on Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:12 pm

My 2004 xr650r starts without choke very easy 1st kick, drilled out tip exhaust stage 1 cam thats all.. 68s pilot 168 main needle 3rd clip
Sea level, 25 deg c..
Fuel mixture screw 2 turns out

If I give the bike a bit of a floggin and stop at the shops it can be a real pain in the butt to start.

Seems to pull hard but if I turn the fuel screw in more say 1 1/2 turns out I get a flat spot and stalls

My question, am I running a too rich pilot as the no choke starting would suggest??

are the Mikuni TM 40-6 carbs worth the money??

When I got the bike It had A 65 Pilot and a 162 main and I could not start the bike..

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Re: Starts without choke

Post  Mad Frosty on Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:16 pm

Try 1 size smaller pilot jet and use choke to start the bike , also your main jet size sound small to me for your elevation ( most people run 175 or there around ) , every bike is slightly different and what works for mine will not work on yours , you need to buy couple of jets and try what works for you , als a good idea to refresh the carb with new gasket set ( seals ) and float valve .
Or you can do what some of us did after we got fed up with the stock carbie , get your self a mikuni tm 40 ( or keihin FCR41 ) bow 

Some lads are happy with the stocker ( Mauser razz  ) , fair enough if yours work .asking for it 
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