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A Better Wrench

Post  Bump on Fri Feb 13, 2009 5:25 am

I bought that little Motion Pro 17mm Float Bowl Wrench awhile back because after installing the battery for the BD eStarter I can't easily get to the Float Bowl Drain Bolt. So I've just been kind of a freak about only using Chevron, and filtering from the jugs. Not wanting to carry my big Craftsman 17mm offset box end wrench everywhere I might get crappy gas, I bought the little Motion Pro wrench. First, it's a lot smaller than I thought from the product photos I'd seen. Second, it seemed like great candidate for two of my best fab skills: Heat and lever arm.

I placed it next to a BRP intake valve (pitted from using after-market better flowing air filters so now I'm all about OEM air filters) and a staple for size reference. The really bright flash seems to show striations but they aren't really visible to my eyes otherwise. It's strong. I tried to break it with my hands but couldn't. Certainly stronger than the torque of the FB bolt.

Next on this project is hogging out the center the float bowl bolt itself to create a sink and installing a neodymium magnet. I get the magnets for free so after I do this I'll list the details for how to do it and maybe setup an exchange for some of the more prolific posters here with an SASE. Or send them to Focker and let him do it. :~)

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