Mines and Meadows, PA

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Mines and Meadows, PA

Post  KTM265 on Wed May 06, 2009 3:05 pm

Couple of weeks back I was flown out to PA for a test ride by Kawasaki and try out their new ATVs...I wasn't sure what to expect, I figured some good rock climbing and trails...They said they had a mine that we ride in and my thought there was a train tunnel or something like that. Nope... It's an old underground mine and you go underground. It's a constant 55 degrees, dark and wet... Plenty of water and mud to have fun in.

See full size pix here - http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2663871020057707896qQufPO ~ Focker.

Out on the ground...or should I say above ground you'll find just
about anything you could want. There are crazy rock climbs, hill
climbs, fast trails and plenty of tight woods. If the GNCC is looking
for a new place put a race, this would be a great location...above and
below ground.

After a day of riding and taking pictures... We went on a tour of the rest of the grounds. They also have a full asphault track there for auto racing and a nice little go-kart track with rentals available. Yes we had to test those out... I was cranking laps around 41-42 seconds per lap. Everyone has a transponder on so you get yoru individual lap times. I finished 3 in our second race. After 20 minutes in the seat of those machines I was more tired then a full day of ATV riding. Hats off to those kids that race those all weekend long. Here is a link to Mines and Meadows. Check it out if you're in PA... nice place to ride.


The park is open to bikes, utvs...etc...Nice place to ride if you're in the area.
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