How about this Headlight?

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How about this Headlight?

Post  modette on Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:05 pm

I see why the bro is interested in doing this...damn 36w of power for 2,800 lumen's. Although the price is a shocker, it would be the best for a lot of night time riding, and it would keep the power consumption down on the BRP.
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have to see it in use

Post  Bump on Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:26 pm

BD has had some big LED lights for awhile now and I don't see them catching on. I've got the 8" HID racelight from BD on my scoot and I don't like the light. Maybe it's like the lighting in photography a little. Direct warm behind-the-camera sunlight is best.

Maybe that is why Henge still uses Halogen. I think they are the warmest light. I think it is the closest to what evolution/natural selection has primed us for.

Personally, I don't ride fast enough at night to need what I have. That said, I'm looking for a dual 8" Halogen setup from BD on the used market. And have been for a long time.

If I was designing this for a dirt bike I'd go ahead and use as many LEDs as possible, right up to the wattage necessary for race lights. That way I could recreate the race setup with a long throw light and a spot. It'd be interesting to speak with the manufacturer and see what is possible.

Neat find!
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