which jets may b best ?

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which jets may b best ?

Post  carbonz4me on Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:50 am

ive just rebuilt my 2003 xr650r and its possible it could be better jetted heres what we have now-
102.4mm bore (680cc)
wiseco 11:1 comp piston
standard carb
68s pilot jet
175 main jet
needle 3 from top
fuel screw 2.5 turns out

the bike starts 2nd kick cold or hot and dosent require choke, it runs fine without missing a beat at all rpm the only thing i could frown upon is after a run and reved when stationary it will smoke slightly as soon as i set off again it stops and dosent smoke at all when being ridden, my guess is that the bike is running a little rich? and possibly needs the jets adjusting but im not sure which? pilot,main,needle or just leave it? the bike runs mostly between 100-1500ft + 10-25 deg c. apprechiate any help, cheers! when adjusting the fuel screw
the idle slows just at the point where screw is approx 3-5mm from fully in(clockwise) then slows again when 5 turns out (anti clockwise) this is why i have set the fuel screw at 2.5 turns anti clockwise from fully in (halfway between both dips in idle), respect !

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