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Swinging back by to see whats going on

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Swinging back by to see whats going on Empty Swinging back by to see whats going on

Post  bakeray on Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:07 am

Thought I would check in and see whats been going on with the forum. Been awhile.

I finished school and am now employed in the field I trained in. Long 2 + years.

Things didnt work out before I found a job and I had to sell my XR650R. The decision killed me. Had to pay rent and bills so the bike and truck went. Sold the XR to a guy in Oregon who was headed to Alaska. My old XR is now in Alaska.

I used some of the money to buy another bike. I bought a 1977 Yamaha DT 400. Bike looks like new, but had some carb problems I fixed and Ive been riding it around.

Stashing money now to get myself another 650R
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