Rescued BRP Prerunner.

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Rescued BRP Prerunner. Empty Rescued BRP Prerunner.

Post  Trexalot on Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:41 am

New guy here!!! Figured it was time to get on board,and give you gents a formal thanks.Your threads and posted info has been a lot of help with my BRP.Learned alot. bow

This project came about when my ridin buddy discovered a "1400.00 bring all offers" listing for a 01 650R.
Long story short turned out to be a prerunner for a local guy who does Baja and Vegas to Reno races and was cleaning out the stable of bikes he had.(his wife was done parking outside the garage in winter)

Quick once over, and lit up first kick, (I knew the secret hand shake) I was hooked,I'd found my new Mistress. nice
Budget was lite and she was REALLY rough but I had time so I tinkered away,bringing her back to a mechanical and street legal statis.This took me ten months.

Since the day of her first Licence plate,Ive logged 2100+miles.And every mile has been an Adventure.
This has been one of the funnest, inexpensive sleds so far and has exceeded all my goals as an Adventure bike,and as a commuter.

Its only been 24 months since I took up statis as a Pig Pilot,so I'm still in the learning curve, (it's not my CRF) but as much fun as this bike is to ride,and as much of this state that I havent explored, I'll pick it up....
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Rescued BRP Prerunner. Empty Re: Rescued BRP Prerunner.

Post  SkidMark on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:43 pm

hey, welcome - sounds you are really enjoying the BRP!

Just gotta fix a puncture then I'll be back on mine banana
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