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Post  Off the Grid on Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:17 am

Hello there fellow roost-throwers.

Having grown up on a steady diet of CRs, XRs and KLXs when I wanted to venture back into the dirt after 25+ years. Hell I even took a 15 year hiatus from motorcycling in general and was heavily involved with MTN biking/road racing/triathlons.

After riding the living **** out of my KLT for the last 2.5 years averaging 15,000+ miles a year I got the serious jones for some offroading, and in my mind nothing but the BRP would do?

Why the BRP you ask?

Couple reasons:
1. I have always had a crush on the red monster...it just looks so menacing.
2. Legendary Honda reliability.
3. I wanted a barely street legal dirt bike, not a barely able street bike.
4. I wanted something big enough to haul my fat ass around. (6'3" 290)
5. I wanted a wheelie machine. nice

Oh yeah, this is my machine, purchased off a member at ADVrider.com (Im there too, same username)

Pending final payment I should have it on my doorstep in a few weeks.
2003 XR650R - $3300 - In Colorado Springs
EBC Oversized Front Rotor (stock rotor and hanger included)
FMF Full System - Q2 muffler, Power Bomb Headers (stock headers included) Uncorked and stock carb is jetted for Colorado w/FMF
New Edelbrock carb kit in box. Have not installed yet. Will sell
separate if purchaser doesn't want the Eddy. She's a 2 kick starter
cold and 1 kick starter warm with the stocker.
Full Baja Designs Kit - Analog Speedo < 2300mi (unless it gets warm and I go for another ride Y ello thar Naughty )
Pro Bend Guards with Plastic Spoilers on Renthal Honda Hi Bend bars, Pro Grip Gel Grips
Utah Sports Skid Plate
High Altitude Radiator Cap
Eibach Springs front and rear for 200lb rider
Clarke 4.3g tank Red (stock tank included)
Baja Designs Gel Seat (stock cover and pad included)
XR's Only Fender Bag and Temp Dip Stick
Still on stock chain & sprockets, 14t & 15t countershafts included
IMS (Moose) Pro Stainless Pegs
MT21's with < 100mi on them
Plastic is in excellent shape, never had an ounce of coolant boil out.

There's always a story, here's mine. I was invited to ride to Alaska in June of 2009 and this is not the bike for that trip. Neither is my KX, for that matter. I am looking for an R11xxGS and I am willing to trade up with cash from me to make up the difference, if anyone is interested in that sort of thing. As always the price is OBO for YFF's and YMMV. When/if this bike sells, I will be combing the Flea Market for a GS.

Bike was originally from the Midwest. All work was done to the bike before it was taken from the original dealer. All the stock pieces I was given show absolutely no wear at all, so I believe his story. PO had it shipped out here and didn't ride it much, neither did I as evidenced by the miles. Although it was PERFECT on the Big Dog Lite Ride with Hondo this year. Only other use it got from me was commuting 10mi each day to/from work this summer and the occasional ice cream run up Gold Camp Road to Cripple Creek. Valves have never been found out of spec.

And, of course, some pics:
Y ello thar Greco_XR1

Y ello thar Greco_XR2

Y ello thar Greco_XR3

Ok so I've got a ton of stupid questions and of course want to start with the farkles right away like:
1. Shoring up the subframe
2. Tankbag
3. GPS hookup
4. Fork brace
5. Eibach springs front and rear
6. Etc etc etc

So yeah, I'm pretty pumped to get this monster in the dirt.


I'm gonna be all over this forum like herpes on a sorority girl. 2 thumbs

(PS anyone know a good bike shipping company?)

Off the Grid
Off the Grid
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Post  badcooky on Mon Feb 02, 2009 9:16 am

Sweet ride man.
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Post  Dave P on Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:00 am

Welcome to the madness, Dave.

Hey, that looks like a nice pig!

As far as shipping goes, you might try a spot like http://www.uship.com/vehicles/ or similar. These places farm out your request to many transport folks, and they bid on the costs. The bids come to your email and/or phone, as they are made, in the case of uship, at least.

If you go this route, put your bid request in as soon as possible. I've found that the bids start high, taper off, and start dropping off in a big way after a week or more. Of course, it can be scary going with a low bid, but you can do a bit of research on the dude or company before hiring them. It's amazing how many insured, mom and pop transport businesses are actually out there until you place a bid request.

Keep us posted on how it goes!

Dave P
Dave P
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Post  Clipity on Tue Feb 03, 2009 4:21 pm

Welcome Mang! rider
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Post  AURORA on Tue Feb 10, 2009 10:56 pm

Welcome aboard!

BRP smile
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