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Post  Guest Tue Mar 26, 2019 11:25 am

Hi fellas, not been on here in a while and I guess I'm contributing to the quiet state of affairs.
Had an idea to show some interest, what YouTubers do you like? then we all might find some new content to watch.

Here is a few from my favourites list.

Makes engines: 

NZ MX and Enduro:

Kiwi legend:      

Oz moto film maker

Dean Wilson:    


Toby Price:       


The Whiskey throttle:

Car stuff.

Project Binky:   

The Skid Factory:

Oz 4WD:          

Oz 4WD           

Mighty Car Mods:                 Turbo's and Temples best

Auto Expert TV:


Scott Turner:  

Alec Steele:    

Make It Extreme:

Peter Brown:  

Heath Knuckles:       Breaking dawn best

Papadakis Racing:

One of local tracks I go to, not my video:

Another local track, not my video but can see my landcruiser at 0.41 on the right:

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Post  Guest Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:55 am

Re your you tube links. Neil Hintz is a good mate of mine (major name dropping!) I was at his place last week looking at his TPI MkII engine. The biggest issue he has is that he needs to make a living in his workshop and can't work on his toys full time. But he knows so much about engines and all they encompass it's a shame someone hasn't snapped him up and put him on $250K a year just to play with engines! Perhaps KTM could have done this instead of just stealing his development ideas - Neil develops TPI engine 2013 on his YZ250 and posts on youtube and KTM "discover" TPI in 2014/15.
I reckon half the reason he knows so much is because he's blown so many up! He hasn't even ridden my XRR but to his credit as well as a Kawasaki 350 Big Horn he's also got a TT500 in his shed.

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Fav YouTubers Empty Re: Fav YouTubers

Post  Guest Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:35 am

It's very obvious that Neil is a clever man! I have a CR500 and love all two strokes, after a big build on my XR I've done bugger all hours on it... The CR is now pretty sorted and a dream to ride, it has electric start and a gadget called a pulse induction on it. It was made by a bloke in the US called Ron McCord, fascinating bit of kit and I actually thought Neil would be interested it.
When the reeds snap shut the in coming air suddenly stops, compresses a bit then bounces out thru the intake/carb. This pulse intake manifold catches that rebounding charge, redirects it thru a tube (of very specific length) and back into the carby just as the reeds are opening again. It acts like a tiny supercharger and has greatly improved the CR500, it now pulls cleanly from as low as 1700rpm and I have seen 9800rpm's on the rev counter. Normally a CR is a bit crap under 2500 and run out of puff at 7000, but it tractors up any hill at idle revs and lots of over rev to save gear changes.

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Fav YouTubers Empty CR & XRR

Post  Guest Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:15 am

CR sounds mean. Biggest 2 banger I've ridden was an IT490 but pretty mellow power delivery. Rode Neils fuel injected Kawasaki F9 350 bighorn and that was an angry beast. He's 2 stroke through and through but especially rotary valve. He flys a gyrocopter too which runs a 700cc 2 stroke twin which he built - literally, castings and all.
I've heard of pulse injection but not aware of the details - will look it up. Do you VMX the CR? Where are you in NZ?

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