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Image Posting Tutorial Empty Image Posting Tutorial

Post  Focker on Thu Dec 25, 2008 7:34 pm

To post pictures you will need to use a image hosting site.

General instructions for most sites:
"Browse" - Find your image on your computer.
"Upload Options / Resizing" - Choose 640x480 or 800x600 in the drop down box.

Start your post.
Most hosting sites will offer a forum code that you simply just copy and paste into the text editor.  If it doesn't then you need to insert the image code brackets.  You can do this manually by selecting the bracket characters on your keyboard...Hint: to the right of the letter "P".  Or if you prefer, select the icon above the text editor box that resembles a Polaroid picture.  The image code will automatically be inserted into the text box...Now you just have to "paste" the image link from the host site in between the code brackets.

It should look like this:
Image Posting Tutorial Samplewo

Publish your thread!
That's it...No excuses for not posting pix.

Resizing help:
Windows 7
ImageResizer Powertoy: (Main page with screen shots) (Direct download page)

Resizing on a Mac using iPhoto:
Under your FILE menu in iPhoto you have the EXPORT option.
Select it and you will see that you have the option to resize an image.

Windows XP, download this program and install it:
Then, right click on the saved picture and hit resize pictures.

Easy to use...Resize to 25% apply and save to disk

The FastStone Photo Resizer:

If none of the downloads work on your computer for whatever reason, you can also try this online photo re-sizer:

Helpful Tips:
Image Posting
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