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Post  Micknmeld on Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:38 am

Your site was pointed out to me by a good friend of mine TB650 who has also just joined up.
My name is mick and I am giving 45 a good nudge,I currently ride a 2001 XR650R that I have only owned for about 4 months after selling my HRC kitted XR630. I was very happy with the old XR untill I got my 650 and now can't believe I perservered so long with the old girl!!
My 650 had only ever been ridden on the road and it was bog stock when I bought it and didn't have a scratch on it. I have since changed that!!! I bought this bike to ride in the bush!! I am lucky that the forest is only a 2 minute ride from my house and once you hit the bush the world is your oyster as there are thousands of kms of trails to explore.
I am also a member of Old Bull Trailriders a website for over 30 year old trailriders and I travel away and ride on some of their organised rides which are a real hoot!!
Mods so far;
Renthal fat bars and risers
Pivot Pegz (wouldn't own a bike without them now)
Whipps alloy bash plate
14/48 gearing
Radiator guards
Yoshimura end cap on the pipe(a full stainless system is on the wish list)
Shark fin disc guard.
More mods to come when I can squirrel some more funds away.
Here is a couple of pics

Another Aussie BRP jocky SDC10685

On a friends MX track.
Another Aussie BRP jocky Mick

On a recent Old Bull Trailrider poker run
Another Aussie BRP jocky P9260090640x480

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Another Aussie BRP jocky Empty Re: Another Aussie BRP jocky

Post  AURORA on Thu Nov 12, 2009 3:02 am


Nice pictures.

Things to do on the XRR.

Switch to a oversized 280 mm up front. Stainless line would also help in addition to High temperature resistane brake fluid.

A fork brace is a big help.

Here you go for suspension:

Bruce is XR680R on this forum.

Modifications to my I need a bailout from the government

Front Suspension .47 spring, shimmed and valves modification asper XR680R- Bruce Borynack's website
Rear Shock 10.0 spring, shimmed and rebuilt asper XR680R- Bruce Borynack's website
Super Brace Fork Brace
Valves adjusted
Animal House Design right foot peg modification and powder coated
Baja Designs rewound stator
80/100 watt light bulb in dual sport kit
EBC 280 mm front rotor and pads
Front Stainless Steel braided brake line
Fluidyne Radiators
Evans Coolant
XR's Only Case Saver
XR's Only Full Exhaust...................................previous owner
XR's Only Choke Plate...................................previous owner
XR's polished and tweaked carb......................previous owner
Side cover opened........................................previous owner
XR's Only Magnetic Oil Plug
XR's Only Aluminum Fuel Tank Bracket
Precision Concepts Carbon Front Fork Guards
Brake Fluid Motual 600
IMS Pro-Series Foot Pegs
Pro-Taper Pillow Top MX Grips
Scotts Steering Dampener and Triple clamps....previous owner
Pro Taper Handle Bars......previous owner
Chain clean and oiled
Bearings greased
Everything torqued and locktited or safety wired

I got the big 6.3 gallon tank but have yet to install the bastard
Whipps Bash Plate en route to me...slow boat from Aussie AKA "Land O Convicts"

I think that is everything

Oh yeah, I have Unabiker radiator guards but they do not fit the Fluidyne Radiators....WTF

The rear shock is set a 4 inches of sag
The front forks are 5 mm down in the triple clamps

NIGHT AND DAY IN HANDLING AND RIDE...Honking the horn while on the MotoX track, here I come!
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Another Aussie BRP jocky Empty Re: Another Aussie BRP jocky

Post  Not for highway use on Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:10 am

Hey Mick, We seem to be following each other on the bike and bike forum front. Just sold my XR630 for a 650! Even though they are both called XR's you would have to agree they are like chalk and cheese, or more like a manderene and an orange.

I bought a stocker and slowly making a wishlist.
Renthol bars- tick (fat bar setup waaaaaay too $$)
Barkbusters- tick
Ballards rear rack- tick
6.3 Acerbis tank- soon (Fuel eco is shithouse)
Staintune full system- later

Not for highway use
Not for highway use
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Another Aussie BRP jocky Empty Re: Another Aussie BRP jocky

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