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Exhaust working itself loose

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Exhaust working itself loose Empty Exhaust working itself loose

Post  PimpmasterJ Tue Mar 05, 2019 1:27 am

Hey, need a little help here. I purchased an 03 and I'm having some trouble with it. Recently the exhaust has seemed to work itself loose between where the mid pipe connects with the header. It backed out enough between themselves to create an exhaust leak and it started backfiring and popping like crazy. So anyway, I went and unbolted it to try and readjust, now, I have to pull the mid pipe further back to where it just covers the end of the head pipe to be able to bolt it back onto the exhaust bracket attached to the sub frame, If I push it further to make a better seal it wont be able to line up with the bolt on the bracket. Is there something I'm missing? was there supposed to be some kind of clamp or gasket that makes the seal? It's an older FMF system, titanium 4 I think. I can't even tell if the head pipe is stock to be honest, it doesn't have the bracket for a heatshield so I can only assume it isn't.

Sorry if this sounds confusing but I'm lost on this. Any help would be appreciated.

Exhaust working itself loose 20190310
Midpipe lined up with bolt

Exhaust working itself loose 20190312
Midpipe pushed forward where it should be, doesn't line up with bolt.
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Exhaust working itself loose Empty Re: Exhaust working itself loose

Post  Mauser Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:17 am

Welcome, I would say that's impossible unless someone has shortened the header pipes ?.
As you say you cannot assemble things wrong, check the ends of both pipes and see if there is any signs of them being cut ?.
Someone prior to you might have altered them to suit an aftermarket silencer ?

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